Usborne Books & More Best Sellers Guide!

If you’re crazy about children’s books then this company probably isn’t anything new to you, they make some of the best possible children’s books on the market from birth through young adult!  Usborne Books & More has been around for over 40 years and continues to break records and earn some well deserved rewards for their imaginative and innovative approach to literacy.  Their books inspire and educate as well as entertain.  With over 2,000 books available in their online store and through consultants, you’re bound to find just the right title for your little reader.  That many books can also overwhelm a bit, so if you’re looking to learn more about some of the very best top sellers you’re in the right place!

This handy guide covers 20 of some of the top different categories and series of books Usborne Books & More offers.  Find a brief description, key points, and who might be most interested along with binding, target age range and price range. CLICK HERE to download the guide! I’d love to hear in a comment below what you think of it. You can also like me on Facebook  and follow me on Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration!

Ready to shop?  Use these handy links below to help find some of the awesome books featured! Use the ‘search’ feature on the website to find specific titles.

If you’re interested in getting these books for free I’d LOVE to help you host a party- either in person if you’re local to me or online if not!  Click here to connect with me and find a good date for your your event!  Interested in becoming a consultant yourself and building an incredible children’s library while making money? Click here, I’d love to have you on my team!

Already an Usborne consultant and looking for more ideas to help your business grow?? Be sure to check out this incredible planner for direct sales consultants designed just for you!! This post shows it in action and gives you a better idea how it’s used.


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