The Book Lady Planner, an Organizing Help for Consultants!


Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to share with you my Book Lady Planner, an organizing help for Usborne consultants!  After MANY hours, revisions, edits, and late nights, this beauty is ready to be seen and shared with the world.  I’m a visual person, and as my business grew I wanted a way to keep track not only of my own parties and contacts, but my team and how they were doing.  And, since I’m me, I wanted it to look nice 🙂  This project started quite small and just kept growing into a full fledged, 100+ page planner!

Take a look at some of the pages below, watch the video to see how I’m using mine, and if you think this will be as big of a help to your business as it has been to mine I’d love it if you’d like to purchase your own copy.  Instructions are below.  Each page is designed with 5.5′ X 8.5′ dimensions.  This mini planner size allows you to print 4 pages per single piece of standard size paper when printed back to back.  You can certainly print them all at full page if you’d like, many computers have options to help you choose the print size.

Usborne planner Monthly pages

Monthly Pages: Each month is designed with new background pages and color scheme.

-Cover page with fun quote
-2 side by side month at a glance pages
-2 side by side weekly pages broken down into days (print multiples to put in each month)
-Expenses page with area for mileage
-Goals page
-Notes page

Usborne Planner Helpful pages

Other helpful pages:

-Main cover page (choose between Moroccan or blossom print)
-Personal contact info
-Contact sheet with multiple space for contacts
-Contact sheet for just one contact
-New team member page- front and back
-Party planning page
-Plain notes page (can add anywhere in planner)
-Year at a glance pages

 How to Purchase a Copy

To download your own copy of the Book Lady’s Planner for only $10.50 please head on over to my Etsy Shop! You are purchasing a DIGITAL COPY ONLY.  No physical property will be provided to you with this purchase.  The planner pages are available for you to print at home or through a professional printing service.  Due to the nature of the product refunds are not accepted, so please look carefully at the photos and video prior to purchasing to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Terms of Use

This download is intended for PERSONAL USE only.  You are welcome to print as many pages as you’d like for your own use, but please do not distribute the pages to others, either in printed or digital form.  I would love it if you’d like to gift this planner to someone else.  Please purchase a copy for each person you are gifting it to. You may print the planner pages through your own personal printer or through a professional printing service.

Please understand that by downloading this planner, this does not mean that it becomes your property.  Under no circumstances may you redistribute, share, or sale any portion of it.  I spend a lot of time creating these lovely images and retain ownership and copyright.  Thank you for your honesty and understanding!

Printing Directions

You are welcome to print the files in whatever size and order works for you, however many have asked how I did it so here you go!

*If you have already purchased a planner and would like copies of the side by side images ready to print please [addlink url=”” text=”Contact me”] and let me know.  I created a google drive file with them and am happy to share, the file itself was too large to be included in the etsy listing.  Thanks!

Instructions for each month are the same:

Monthly printing flyerFull page ONE: Goals page on left side of paper with Cover Page on right

Full page TWO: Calendar 1 on left side of paper with Calendar 2 on right

Full page THREE: Weekly 1 on left side of paper with Expenses on right

Full page FOUR: Weekly 1 on left side of paper with Weekly 2 on right

Full page FIVE: Notes on left side of paper with Weekly 2 on the right

*Print page ONE  back to back with page TWO, print page THREE back to back with PAGE FOUR, print page FOUR back to back with page FOUR, and print FOUR back to back with page FIVE. Those 4 pages will be an entire month.




 Helpful products for your planner- click on image to find it on Amazon

My favorite purchase is the beautiful plum colored planner I found on Amazon, I swear it was made for me!  You can see it in use in the video above.




I love the divider pages which help me organize the different parts of my planner.  From the link above you can find them either by themselves, or in a Mini Binder Starter Pack which is what I bought.



I’m super happy after being introduced to ERASABLE PENS!  I didn’t even know they existed a few months ago and now I use them for everything.  The set I bought for myself is full of bright and happy colors, but you can purchase them in solid black as well.

I first tried printing on my regular cheap printer paper and while it was ok, there was some bleed through.  I bought this higher quality 24 lb printer paper and it worked perfectly.  The colors were bright and crisp with no bleed through, very happy!  I think I might use this paper for everything in the future.


  1. this is amazing!!! Thank you so much this is a lifesaver!!! I went to the link but it says unavailable? When will it be available? Thank you so much!!!

    • says:

      Hi Dawn! I’m so glad you like it. It is back up and available for purchase again if you’d like it, thank you so much for your patience while I cleared with it with our Home Office Staff!

      • I cannot find a hole punch for this, what do you recommend?

        • says:

          Hi Dawn! I was able to adjust the settings on my own 3 hole punch. Check on the bottom, sometimes you can unscrew the punches and move them around. Good luck!

  2. Laura Sims says:

    Hi Racheal,
    I shared your awesome planner with my team yesterday! But now it’s showing as “unavailable” on ETSY 🙁 When will it will be available again? I know of several people who want to purchase one.
    Thanks so much!

    • says:

      Hi Laura! Thank you so much for your support! I put it on hold to clear it with HO for a couple of days, it’s back up and available again, thanks!

  3. Amy Quinn says:

    i clicked on the link you have on this page to get to the Usborne planner and it says item not available. Am I clicking on the wrong one or is this item not a available anymore. I just signed on as an Usborne consultant and I would be sad if the planner wasn’t available. Please let me know. Thank you!

    • says:

      Hi Amy! It’s back up and available again, thank you so much for your patience as I got it cleared with our home office 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your planner. That is super cute!!! How did you print that out? Was it on a laser printer or just an ink jet?

    • says:

      Thanks, Lisa! I’m so glad you like it! I printed it on a ink jet printer since that’s what I have, but I imagine laser would be fantastic.

  5. Lindsay Tung says:

    Hi Rachael, I love this planner and it looks like it is EXACTLY what I’m looking for! A couple of questions before I purchase it…

    Is it hard to print out in full 8.5 x 11 size? I would like to use a full size binder for my planner.

    Where would I find the “other helpful pages”? I tried searching on here and can’t seem to find them. Are they available for free or for purchase?


    • Lindsay Tung says:

      Also, what file format are the planner pages in? Thanks!

    • says:

      Hi Lindsay! So glad you like the planner! The pages are designed at 5.5X8.5, so if you printed it on a full page there would be a little white boarder on all the edges, although I’ve seen some printed that way and they still looked very cute! The other helpful pages are included in the images above- including new consultant tracking pages, host pages, notes sheets, and contact info.

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