Primary 4 Lesson 30: Nephi Receives Great Power

This LDS Primary lesson tells of Nephi prophesying.   The purpose of the lesson is to teach the children that through the power and authority of the priesthood Jesus Christ guides and blesses his followers and his church. To help the children remember what they learned during class I created this little handout.  For more ideas on how I use these handouts in my lessons, be sure to check out my post on using journals to enhance Primary! To download your own copy please click HERE

Primary 4 Lesson 30 flyer

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  1. I love this principle! It’s very comforting to know who is leading the Church!

    • says:

      I completely agree! Men are imperfect, I love that it’s Heavenly Father and his priesthood running the show!

  2. Stacy Hill says:


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