Our Coastal Home- Adding Crown Molding to Kitchen Cabinets and Wainscoting to Island


We loved painting our walls in the kitchen area in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt! The next step is the kitchen cabinets.  I’ve always wanted a white kitchen.  It’s timeless, classy, and so clean looking.  Some people may not like white and the fact that everything shows up on it but that’s exactly why I love it! It may have something to do with my medical background, but I REALLY like to know when things are clean and white lets me do that. We currently have honey oak cabinets which were oh so very popular in the 80’s and 90’s, but they seem too yellow to me, and I especially feel that way against the new Sea Salt paint color. I love the layout of the kitchen and even like the size and shape of the cabinets, I’d just like them in white.

I contemplated painting the cabinets myself, even spent several hrs looking up tutorials and watching videos on how to do it.  I decided in the end I wanted it to look professional when I was done and the best way to get that is by having the cabinets actually sprayed in a hard finish and after much shopping around for a local painter I went with Chameleon Painting– more on this great company in my follow up post!


To help the kitchen feel more complete the hubs and I decided to add crown molding to the top of the cabinets.  This adds so much class and makes a more finished look.  The hubby is a fairly handy fellow so we decided to do this part ourselves.  It was a lot of work but in the end it looks amazing!  Also, it is remarkably hard to find good pictures of kitchens with vaulted ceilings and cabinets with crown molding.  Almost all the photos I found were of cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.


Next we decided to add some board and batten wainscotting to the island and the bottom ends of the side cabinets. We used 4 inch wide X 1/2 inch thick floor molding and I love how it turned out. This also took a lot of time.  As in, we finished at 3 am the morning the cabinet painters were coming. Chameleon painters were amazing and told us if we had the molding and wainscoting in before they came they’d do the touch up work and paint it at the same time as the rest of the cabinets- sold! So here’s out final “before” pictures, next up we’ll be showing my gorgeous new WHITE kitchen, so stay tuned!

kitchen-with-molding-1 kitchen-with-molding-2 kitchen-with-molding-3


  1. All of the new trim looks great!

  2. I’m loving the process, can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

  3. Little things can make such a big difference. Thanks for sharing!

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