Usborne Books & More Best Sellers Guide!

If you’re crazy about children’s books then this company probably isn’t anything new to you, they make some of the best possible children’s books on the market from birth through young adult!  Usborne Books & More has been around for over 40 years and continues to break records and earn some well deserved rewards for their imaginative and innovative approach to literacy.  Their books inspire and educate as well as entertain.  With over 2,000 books available in their online store and through consultants, you’re bound to find just the right title for your little reader.  That many books can also overwhelm a bit, so if you’re looking to learn more about some of the very best top sellers you’re in the right place!

This handy guide covers 20 of some of the top different categories and series of books Usborne Books & More offers.  Find a brief description, key points, and who might be most interested along with binding, target age range and price range. CLICK HERE to download the guide! I’d love to hear in a comment below what you think of it. You can also like me on Facebook  and follow me on Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration!

Ready to shop?  Use these handy links below to help find some of the awesome books featured! Use the ‘search’ feature on the website to find specific titles.

If you’re interested in getting these books for free I’d LOVE to help you host a party- either in person if you’re local to me or online if not!  Click here to connect with me and find a good date for your your event!  Interested in becoming a consultant yourself and building an incredible children’s library while making money? Click here, I’d love to have you on my team!

Already an Usborne consultant and looking for more ideas to help your business grow?? Be sure to check out this incredible planner for direct sales consultants designed just for you!! This post shows it in action and gives you a better idea how it’s used.

A Book Lover’s Alphabet- FREE!

I’ve been having a great time lately designing fun alphabets to go with different projects and decided to offer my latest for free!  A Book Lover’s Alphabet includes all 26 letters plus an apostrophe- perfect for those back to school projects, Build a Library Baby Shower, book themed birthday parties, Usborne Books & More flyers, and more!  Share in a comment below your creations, I’d love to see them!  To download your FREE copy of the Book Lover’s Alphabet please click HERE

Flyer 2

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Books to Give and Receive for All Hallows Read

All Hallows Read Flyer with website

I’ve just learned of what has got to become one of my favorite new traditions- [addlink url=”” text=”All Hallows Read”]! The idea was created by author Neil Gamin and the premise is simple- give a spooky book to someone on Halloween! I’m so excited to start this with my own friends and family.  We’ll be incorporating it not only in our home, but putting spooky books out in our [addlink url=”” text=”Little Free Library”].  Here’s Neil Gaimin introducing the idea: [Read more…]

Fantastic Fall Books for Children!

Fall is a wonderful time of year.  I love the crisp leaves, pumpkins, sweaters, and hot cocoa!  The kiddos are back in school, and it’s a great time to help supplement their learning with some fantastic books.  Check out the list below for some of my favorite fall reads- perfect for your little pumpkins! [Read more…]

The Best Children’s Books for Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Books flyer jpg

 If you’d like to download the flyer above click HERE

It’s no secret we’re pretty big fans of children’s book over at my house, and I love finding ways to incorporate reading into the holidays!  These are some of my favorite children’s books with a fun Valentine’s theme- whether the love is romantic, friendly, or even for books themselves! [Read more…]

The Best Halloween Books for Kids!

The best spooky and Halloween book for kids!

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays.  Everything about Fall just makes me happy- the pumpkins, leaves, and hay bales combined with the sweet smell of cinnamon and nutmeg make my insides all sorts of happy!  As a child I adored reading holiday themed books.  With that in mind I’ve compiled a list of a few of my very favorite Halloween books from Usborne with photos and descriptions, I hope you’re little readers enjoy them as much as mine do!  You can find any of them in [addlink url=”” text=”my store, “]or click on the links provided for individual books.  If you want more information about getting these books for FREE, [addlink url=”” text=”Contact me!”]  If you want your own copy of this flyer click Here to download.  If you appreciate these fun ideas and free downloads let me know in a comment below and [addlink url=”” text=”like me on Facebook!”] [Read more…]

Pictivities- A New Interactive Series of Children’s Books

You guys!  I’m so excited to share this book with you!  Pictivities is a new series of children’s books, specifically designed to generate interaction between  the reader and child.  I love reading books with my daughter and have done so since before she was even born.  At 18 months old she shows a lot of signs of being an early reader including turning pages and “reading” the book back to me (in her own language, or course!)  I try really hard to buy books that are interactive for her with things to touch, hidden objects to find or flaps to lift.pictivities

We got an advanced copy of Pictivites to demo and I immediately was impressed with the fact that just a few pictures and simple words completely captured her attention.  Want to know why?  Because every single component of this books is designed to help encourage the child to relate what they see visually with what they know about the world around them.  Even at such a young age she is completely engaged with the book.  As she grows older and her understanding of life grows with her, this book will continue to be exciting and educational.

pictivities 2
 So there we are, touching the “hot” flame and blowing our fingers to get them cool, giving high fives after we see the hand, taking imaginary bites of our imaginary apple, and using just about every sense possible (we would have even used taste but I didn’t let her eat this particular book).  The finished book will be a board book with thick durable pages and easy for those little fingers to turn (maybe I’ll let her taste it then, haha).   It reminds me that reading aloud, even at an age where she only understands a handful of the words I’m using, is helping her associated books with love and bonding.

pictivities 3

So how can you get one of these adorable books?  The book is designed, the pictures are completed, the authors just need a little help now with their kick starter campaign so they can get it published!  There are plenty of incentives to help fund them on kick starter, including your own copy of the book by Christmas!  Check out this cute video, and if you’re as excited about it as me [addlink url=”” text=”head over and reserve your copy today! “]   You can also see more about this book and it’s creators as they were featured in [addlink url=”” text=”this local magazine! “] The campaign ends on September 4th so don’t wait!


My Favorite Fairy Tale Books!

fairy tale book 2

I love Fairy Tales!  Throughout all cultures, languages, and countries fairy tales have existed for hundred of years. They teach us that life is hard, it has challenges and difficulties, and most importantly that good can triumph over evil.  So here are some of my favorite books just filled with fairy tales! Click on any picture to see it in [addlink url=”” text=”my book store. “]

To delay her excecution by a bitter sultan, Sheherazade tells him a series of stories every night for 1001 nights. From the adventures of Sinbad and Aladdin, to tales of genies and magical lands, her stories are so amazing they save her life. Richly illustrated and beautifully retold, these stories from the Arabian Nights will enchant any reader.

To delay her excecution by a bitter sultan, Sheherazade tells him a series of stories every night for 1001 nights. From the adventures of Sinbad and Aladdin, to tales of genies and magical lands, her stories are so amazing they save her life. Richly illustrated and beautifully retold, these stories from the Arabian Nights will enchant any reader.

[Read more…]

Hermoine and Her Books

hermoine reading quote

I still remember the first time I read the Harry Potter books, only the first 3 were out at the time and I instantly fell in love!  Never mind that I was already older than the target audience, the absolute imagination and creativity in those pages blew my mind and ensured that I would not be leaving that couch until the last page was turned.  So, with a soft blanket, pillow, and a cup of hot cocoa, I devoured the books one after the other and then waited impatiently for the next to be released.

My sweet husband has never been much of a reader- having several different types of dyslexia tend to do that to you.  As an adult he listens to books on tape frequently, but always maintained that Harry Potter was not something he’d ever enjoy.  I had to prove him wrong, plus, he never understood my HP jokes.  I mean, really, everyone should know what you mean when you call them a Muggle!  If I couldn’t talk him into the books, I got the next best thing and we had a Harry Potter movie marathon!  With watching just a bit of each movie at a time, it took us about 6 weeks to finish, and by the end that husband of mine was a true convert!  He loved it!  And now we plan on listening to the books on our next road trip, happy dance!

And me, well I seriously adore Miss Hermoine Granger.  She and I have a kindred love of books.  I currently have rather poor vision as a result of reading books under my bed at night with a flashlight as a child, incapable of putting the story down until I knew what happened next.   I can’t wait to read these books with my little ones, it’ll make book lovers out of them as well!

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Halloween Storytelling Game

Game flyerI love the idea of using Storytelling to help promote literacy and language development. Children can increase vocabulary, use more complex sentences, and their comprehension of stories can improve with storytelling.  Both reading aloud and telling stories to children has a great impact on a child, it helps them associate books with love and affection.

Hearing stories told helps the listener develop a greater bond with the teller, as they can make eye contact and read body language better.  The tone, incantation, gestures, and facial expressions all add to the story and help children not only hear the story, but increase their understanding of it.

I created a little game to help encourage some spooky story telling in both the young and old alike, because honestly, my husband and I played this game and pretty much came up with the best story… ever.  It was as blast! [Read more…]