Mother’s Day Fairy Tale Mad Libs Game for Kids!

Mother's Day Fairy Tale Mad Lib Flyer

Our local primary (church kids group) has been looking for a fun gift to give their moms for Mother’s Day.  We wanted something fairly simple, easy to duplicate, personalized by the kids, and inexpensive.  It also needs to be adorable, right? I came up with the idea of having the kids fill out a Mad Lib style Fairy Tale for their moms.  The children first answer all the questions like “What is a favorite food your mom makes?” and “Where would you love to go with your mom?”, then the answers to those questions correlate with the blank spaces in our fairy tale story. It turned out so cute and SO easy!  We plan to glue the completed questionnaire to the back of the story for mom’s to reference.   I designed it with some lovely watercolor flowers and fairy tale clipart.  They are designed at 5X7 so can even easily frame them if you’d like! To download your own copies of both the answer sheet and fairy tale please click HERE.

Mother's Day Fairy Tale Mad Lib Flyer 2

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LDS Primary Newspaper Spotlight- Perfect for Printing in Black and White!

I had the pleasure of creating next years Primary Spotlight. I wanted something that was fun and engaging, gender neutral, and looked great printed in black and white. Let’s be honest, colored ink is expensive and making copies in the library is the way to go!  What looks better in black and white than a newsletter?!  Here’s is the 2016 newsletter I designed.  Your free download will have a blank space at the top in the headline to add your own ward  name in if you’d like.  Please click HERE  to download.  If you appreciate these fun ideas and free downloads I’d love it if you let me know in a comment, it’s always nice to know your hard work is appreciated.  You can also like me on Facebook follow me on Pinterest, and sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date!

LDS Primary Newspaper Spotlight

*Updated version with 2017 on it can be downloaded by clicking HERE

LDS General Conference Activity – Bingo!

I’ve been looking for a way to help make General Conference just a little more engaging for wee ones.  I’ve found the cutest general conference packets out there but wanted something a little simpler that you can just print off the computer and go!  I made this cute LDS General Conference Activity, a BINGO card to help encourage little ones to pay attention during the talks.  When they hear the word spoken they can cross it off the card, you decide what the prize is for saying BINGO!  You can laminate them or put them in page protectors to be used either on each individual talk, for a session, or even for the entire conference.  Use them over and over again with future conferences.   You can also play reverse BINGO and start with a small candy on each square, the child then gets their treat as soon as they hear the word.  This is particularly helpful with little ones who prefer instant rewards rather than a wait 🙂  If you appreciate these fun ideas and free downloads let me know in a comment below, sign up for my newsletter and [addlink url=”” text=”like me on Facebook! “]  Download your own copy of the bingo game HERE

LDS General Conference Bingo Activity [Read more…]

DIY Journal Out of Composition Notebook

DIY Journal flyer

I’ve had so much fun making these adorable journals!  I am using them for everything from Primary Journals, to my book store, to recipe books and more!  You name it, having a cute notebook is almost always better!  So here are my instructions and measurements to make your own cute journals!   [Read more…]

Using Journals to Enhance Primary


I’ve been searching for more ways to help my primary kids really absorb and remember what they are learning, both the scripture stories as well as how we can apply them to our daily lives.  My lessons include videos, lots of enrichment activities, warm fuzzy jars, and handouts.

I decided a fun weekly activity for the kids would be to keep a Primary Journal.  I turned some plain composition notebooks into the most adorable little personalized journals for each child and I’m so excited to use them. Get instructions to make your own here! I even called their parents ahead of time so each child’s journal is in their favorite color. [Read more…]

Primary 6 Lesson 28, David and Goliath Activity for Primary or FHE

Stone and bag flyer

I love the story of David and Goliath, it’s such an amazing story to tell and easy to apply to our lives in modern times.  While preparing my Primary lesson this week I was trying to think of ways to really help the children understand and remember what they’d learned.  How many times did you walk out of church as a child and when asked by your parents what you learned about that day respond with “I don’t remember”?  Too many times, myself, and I had some really great primary teachers!  I figure if each week they have something to take home with them with the main point of the lesson written right on it, maybe it’ll help…. at least a little 🙂  So, with that in mind, I came up with this idea to assist with one of the enrichment activities.  The idea is that the children think first of their “Goliaths” in life- the challenges they have to face every day.  They then think up ways to over come those challenges and write them on little slips of paper cut to resemble stones.Stones circle

Cute, but HOW MUCH cuter would it be if they actually could take home little stones with those words written on them?? [Read more…]

Listen for Promptings of Holy Ghost

This handout is designed to go with Primary 6 Lesson 27 on Samuel, the Boy Prophet.  It encourages children to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and could be used with many other lessons as well.  To download your own copy, click Download

Listen to promtings of HG flyer

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Primary 6 Lesson 22, Be Humble and Have Faith in God

I made this cute handout for my primary class to go along with Primary 6 Lesson 22 about Israel and the Brass Serpent.  The purpose of the lesson is to encourage children to be humble and have faith in Jesus Christ.  Download your own copy Herebe humble 2If you like these fun ideas and free downloads, let me know in a comment below!  To stay up to date with more fun activities, [addlink url=”” text=”like me on Facebook!”]

For ideas on how I use these handouts in my lessons, check out [addlink url=”″ text=”my post on Primary Journals.”]


Primary 6 Lesson 26, Following in Righteous Footsteps

This week’s lesson for my primary class is all about Ruth and Naomi in the Old Testament.  The point of the lesson is to help the children have the desire to follow the example of righteous people and to be good examples themselves.  At the beginning of the lesson the children will follow little footsteps around the room leading them in one direction or another.  We’ll talk about how we all leave footprints as we travel through life.  Just as we follow other’s footsteps and try to emulate them, other’s will follow in our footsteps and what we do will make a significant impact on them.  At the end of class I’ll give them this handout and have them trace their foot in the white area, then write inside it a trait they want that will help them be a good example for others.  I’ll write the children’s names in the small white box on the bottom left.  Download a copy with a blank white area: Here  Don’t want to trace bare feet in class?  Download this copy with a footprint already in place and just have the kids write their traits inside it. Click Here

Good example flyer 2This is also very cute when printed in black and white if you’re low on color ink 🙂

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For ideas on how I use these handouts in my lessons, check out [addlink url=”″ text=”my post on Primary Journals.”]

Warm Fuzzy Jars

Have you ever heard of Warm Fuzzies?  The basic idea is that when someone does or says something good that would cause themselves or another to have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, they are given a little pom pom to help them remember how service makes them feel.   I didn’t come up with this idea, but I started using it when teaching Sunday School to 8 and 9 year old little ones.   If they remember to bring their scriptures to class- warm fuzzy.  If they say a prayer or give another child a genuine compliment- warm fuzzy.  If they help the teachers with a portion of the lesson- warm fuzzy.  You get the idea.  I wanted the kids to have little personalized jars to put their fuzzies each week, which are then emptied into a large bag at the end of class.  Since I have a wee one myself just discovering the wide world of solid foods, I had several baby food jars in my craft room, just waiting to be used!  I created these labels with Photoshop and put each child’s name on their own jar.  They LOVE that they are personalized, and at the end of the year I’ll use the jars as their Christmas gift.

bottles 1 [Read more…]