Primary 7 Lesson 11: Jesus Christ Teaches about Prayer

This LDS primary lesson tells of how Jesus Christ teaches his disciples how to pray in the Sermon on the Mount.  The purpose of the lesson is to help each child gain the desire to have daily personal prayer.  I made 2 handouts for this lesson.  The first one is the main lesson handout to help them remember what they learned about.  The quote is by Elder Boyd K. Packer and goes along with enrichment activity #4. Be sure to check out [addlink url=”” text=”this post “] to see how I use journals to enhance Primary!  To download the handout please click HERE

Primary 7 Lesson 11 handout [Read more…]

Primary 6 Lesson 43 Jonah and the people of Nineveh, Jonah and the Whale

This LDS primary lesson is based on the story in the Old Testament of Jonah and the people of Nineveh, commonly know as Jonah and the Whale.  The purpose of the lesson is  to help each child understand that Heavenly Father forgives all who truly repent.  I had a lot of fun creating the handout for this lesson.  I had this idea all along of how fun it would be if you could actually see Jonah praying INSIDE the whale.  With that in mind, it just had to be pop up, right?  So here’s this weeks lesson handout, there are 2 pages included, instructions below. I promise it’s easy 🙂 Download your own free copy by clicking here: Inside Photos Cover Photo

First, you’ll download and print these 2 pages.  Each page that includes the image of the Whale and Jonah you’ll need 1 per project, the other page is a title page and includes 4 per sheet.  To complete this project the other other things you’ll need are some scissors or paper cutter and glue.

papersNext, cut out the 2 images seen below. [Read more…]

Primary 6 Lesson 28, David and Goliath Activity for Primary or FHE

Stone and bag flyer

I love the story of David and Goliath, it’s such an amazing story to tell and easy to apply to our lives in modern times.  While preparing my Primary lesson this week I was trying to think of ways to really help the children understand and remember what they’d learned.  How many times did you walk out of church as a child and when asked by your parents what you learned about that day respond with “I don’t remember”?  Too many times, myself, and I had some really great primary teachers!  I figure if each week they have something to take home with them with the main point of the lesson written right on it, maybe it’ll help…. at least a little 🙂  So, with that in mind, I came up with this idea to assist with one of the enrichment activities.  The idea is that the children think first of their “Goliaths” in life- the challenges they have to face every day.  They then think up ways to over come those challenges and write them on little slips of paper cut to resemble stones.Stones circle

Cute, but HOW MUCH cuter would it be if they actually could take home little stones with those words written on them?? [Read more…]

Primary 6 Lesson 21 10 Commandments Foldable

My last primary lesson was on the 10 commandments.  The kids loved learning about it, but even more loved these fun 10 Commandment foldables to help them remember!  Download Here  This would also make a very fun addition to a Family Home Evening lesson! All you need is some nice paper!
10 commandments flyerIf you appreciate these fun ideas and free handouts please let me know in a comment below! You can like me on Facebook, follow me on Pinterest, and sign up for my newsletter for more updates!

**Update** I’ve had several request for instructions on how to fold this, I don’t do You tube videos myself yet but here’s one someone else kindly made that will show you how to quickly fold this cute game!