Books to Give and Receive for All Hallows Read

All Hallows Read Flyer with website

I’ve just learned of what has got to become one of my favorite new traditions- [addlink url=”” text=”All Hallows Read”]! The idea was created by author Neil Gamin and the premise is simple- give a spooky book to someone on Halloween! I’m so excited to start this with my own friends and family.  We’ll be incorporating it not only in our home, but putting spooky books out in our [addlink url=”” text=”Little Free Library”].  Here’s Neil Gaimin introducing the idea: [Read more…]

Halloween Storytelling Game

Game flyerI love the idea of using Storytelling to help promote literacy and language development. Children can increase vocabulary, use more complex sentences, and their comprehension of stories can improve with storytelling.  Both reading aloud and telling stories to children has a great impact on a child, it helps them associate books with love and affection.

Hearing stories told helps the listener develop a greater bond with the teller, as they can make eye contact and read body language better.  The tone, incantation, gestures, and facial expressions all add to the story and help children not only hear the story, but increase their understanding of it.

I created a little game to help encourage some spooky story telling in both the young and old alike, because honestly, my husband and I played this game and pretty much came up with the best story… ever.  It was as blast! [Read more…]