The Best Halloween Books for Kids!

The best spooky and Halloween book for kids!

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays.  Everything about Fall just makes me happy- the pumpkins, leaves, and hay bales combined with the sweet smell of cinnamon and nutmeg make my insides all sorts of happy!  As a child I adored reading holiday themed books.  With that in mind I’ve compiled a list of a few of my very favorite Halloween books from Usborne with photos and descriptions, I hope you’re little readers enjoy them as much as mine do!  You can find any of them in [addlink url=”” text=”my store, “]or click on the links provided for individual books.  If you want more information about getting these books for FREE, [addlink url=”” text=”Contact me!”]  If you want your own copy of this flyer click Here to download.  If you appreciate these fun ideas and free downloads let me know in a comment below and [addlink url=”” text=”like me on Facebook!”] [Read more…]

Make Travel Easier!

I love to travel, a good portion of my strongest memories are related in one way or another to get away trips and vacations.  I so very much want to continue that for my own children!  But, traveling can be just a bit stressful, no?  Between saving up money, packing, and making sure everyone is happy and vomit free while on the road/plane/train, I sometimes feel a tiny bit overwhelmed.  With that in mind, I decided to find a few ways to make my own (and hopefully yours!) trips a little more organized and stress free.  This post focuses on 2 main things.  First, getting packed in an organized way that includes not forgetting the tooth brush and ending up with atrocious old man breath (you know what I’m talking about) for an entire trip.  Second, keeping the little monsters munchkins entertained and happy!travel packing list flyer 2

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Flyer for Build a Library Baby Shower

This cute flyer is perfect to go in your binder to pass around at parties or to display at booths.  Let your customers know about the amazing option of hosting a Book Themed baby shower with you and the incredible benefits that come from it!  How many other parties offer the mom more gifts just because her guests bought her gifts? Download version with text: Here  Want a blank version where you can add your own text?  Download: Here

Build a library shower ad copyCheck out my Build a Library Baby Shower  post for more ideas and pictures of a party I hosted recently! Want some game ideas? Check out this post on the importance of nursery rhymes!


Your Husband Called…

I love to shop, especially for my little girl.  I occasionally need to be reigned in a bit, but for the most part I do fairly well at not going overboard.  Except books, good heavens, I love books!  I frequently have had customers let me know that they love them, too, they just need to check with their husbands first before they buy anything.  I really do understand that, but as a preemptive strike on that particular train of thought I created this to print and display at parties or booths.  It’s perfect. Enjoy, download: Herehusband called flyer