New Year Goals for Usborne Consultants!

The new year is a wonderful time to make some goals and get to work on successful business!  Download, print, and fill out this sheet and put it front and center in your work place to help remind you of where you’re headed! To download your own copy please click HERE

New Year Goals flyerIf you like these fun ideas and free downloads please let me know in a comment below, it’s always nice to know your work is appreciated, thanks!

Direct Sales Fall Goals Tracking Sheet

Fall is a fantastic time to be in the book industry!  With school back in session and Christmas right around the corner, people who know best are out there finding the perfect books for their little readers.  Looking for books to buy?  Look no further and check out my beautiful book store

If you’re a consultant looking for a way to track your fall season, have a little fun and download this lovely goals tracking sheet.  Start a booking notebook by writing down the names of 5 people in each category who might be interested in hosting a party.  Keep track of your goals and how you’re going to accomplish them. Figure out your schedule of events- parties, booths, and other appointments.  Find ways to GIVE BACK to the community with fundraisers and charity events.

To download your own fall tracker please click HERE

Fall Goals SheetIf you appreciate these fun ideas and free downloads please let me know in a comment below, it’s always nice to know your work is appreciated 🙂

Looking for more ways to keep your business organized?  Be sure to check out The Book Lady’s Planner


The Book Lady Planner, an Organizing Help for Consultants!


Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to share with you my Book Lady Planner, an organizing help for Usborne consultants!  After MANY hours, revisions, edits, and late nights, this beauty is ready to be seen and shared with the world.  I’m a visual person, and as my business grew I wanted a way to keep track not only of my own parties and contacts, but my team and how they were doing.  And, since I’m me, I wanted it to look nice 🙂  This project started quite small and just kept growing into a full fledged, 100+ page planner! [Read more…]

General Usborne Gift Certificate

For all my fellow Usborne Consultants, sometimes you just need a cute gift certificate to give out, right?  For whatever you’re participating in, whether it’s a raffle, giveaway, or at a home show, this general gift certificate can be personalized to your needs.  To use, just add your own value, the person receiving the certificate, and all your info so the recipient knows who to go back to to redeem it.  Gift certificates are particularly nice in giveaways because it only costs you if the person who got the basket actually redeems it!  If you like these fun ideas and free downloads please let me know in a comment below and [addlink url=”” text=”like me on Facebook! “] Download your own copy Here

Usborne Gift Certificate

Usborne Host Rewards Breakdown

I love the fun flyers Usborne puts out every month with the special rewards offered to hosts, but they frequently only go down to a party with sales of at least $250 or $350, so it’s hard to let customers know what they can get if their party ends up small. I made this little flyer for just that purpose with the basic rewards down to $85.  Download your own copy Herehost rewards flyer 2

Preferred Customer cards

These cards are perfect to give out at booths or to customers who may buy from you outside a home show.  Encourage people to return to you to get more beautiful books!  Fill in the blank section with your consultant contact info, or put the customers name there and put your info on the back!  prefered customer flyerDownload high resolution copy with bleed for printing as a business card: Download here If you like these fun ideas and free downloads, let me know in a comment below and [addlink url=”” text=”like me on Facebook!”]

Contact info sheet

Need a cute way to gather contact information at a home show, booth, or other venue?  These adorable contact info sheets are just the thing. Keep track of your new customers in style! Download HereContact info for booths

Reading Rewards Cards for Consultants


summer punch card with border and logo 2These cute punch cards are the perfect companion to give out at home shows, book fairs, booths, or any other venue.   Parents and kids alike will love setting goals, earning rewards, and learning to love reading at the same time.  Put a sticker with your contact info on the back and these can be substituted as business cards.  They are designed to print beautifully with a bleed border from any company that does business cards (I used Vistaprint).  Enjoy and have fun! Download Here