Usborne Books & More Best Sellers Guide!

If you’re crazy about children’s books then this company probably isn’t anything new to you, they make some of the best possible children’s books on the market from birth through young adult!  Usborne Books & More has been around for over 40 years and continues to break records and earn some well deserved rewards for their imaginative and innovative approach to literacy.  Their books inspire and educate as well as entertain.  With over 2,000 books available in their online store and through consultants, you’re bound to find just the right title for your little reader.  That many books can also overwhelm a bit, so if you’re looking to learn more about some of the very best top sellers you’re in the right place!

This handy guide covers 20 of some of the top different categories and series of books Usborne Books & More offers.  Find a brief description, key points, and who might be most interested along with binding, target age range and price range. CLICK HERE to download the guide! I’d love to hear in a comment below what you think of it. You can also like me on Facebook  and follow me on Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration!

Ready to shop?  Use these handy links below to help find some of the awesome books featured! Use the ‘search’ feature on the website to find specific titles.

If you’re interested in getting these books for free I’d LOVE to help you host a party- either in person if you’re local to me or online if not!  Click here to connect with me and find a good date for your your event!  Interested in becoming a consultant yourself and building an incredible children’s library while making money? Click here, I’d love to have you on my team!

Already an Usborne consultant and looking for more ideas to help your business grow?? Be sure to check out this incredible planner for direct sales consultants designed just for you!! This post shows it in action and gives you a better idea how it’s used.

A Book Lover’s Alphabet- FREE!

I’ve been having a great time lately designing fun alphabets to go with different projects and decided to offer my latest for free!  A Book Lover’s Alphabet includes all 26 letters plus an apostrophe- perfect for those back to school projects, Build a Library Baby Shower, book themed birthday parties, Usborne Books & More flyers, and more!  Share in a comment below your creations, I’d love to see them!  To download your FREE copy of the Book Lover’s Alphabet please click HERE

Flyer 2

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New Year Goals for Usborne Consultants!

The new year is a wonderful time to make some goals and get to work on successful business!  Download, print, and fill out this sheet and put it front and center in your work place to help remind you of where you’re headed! To download your own copy please click HERE

New Year Goals flyerIf you like these fun ideas and free downloads please let me know in a comment below, it’s always nice to know your work is appreciated, thanks!

Books to Give and Receive for All Hallows Read

All Hallows Read Flyer with website

I’ve just learned of what has got to become one of my favorite new traditions- [addlink url=”” text=”All Hallows Read”]! The idea was created by author Neil Gamin and the premise is simple- give a spooky book to someone on Halloween! I’m so excited to start this with my own friends and family.  We’ll be incorporating it not only in our home, but putting spooky books out in our [addlink url=”” text=”Little Free Library”].  Here’s Neil Gaimin introducing the idea: [Read more…]

Direct Sales Fall Goals Tracking Sheet

Fall is a fantastic time to be in the book industry!  With school back in session and Christmas right around the corner, people who know best are out there finding the perfect books for their little readers.  Looking for books to buy?  Look no further and check out my beautiful book store

If you’re a consultant looking for a way to track your fall season, have a little fun and download this lovely goals tracking sheet.  Start a booking notebook by writing down the names of 5 people in each category who might be interested in hosting a party.  Keep track of your goals and how you’re going to accomplish them. Figure out your schedule of events- parties, booths, and other appointments.  Find ways to GIVE BACK to the community with fundraisers and charity events.

To download your own fall tracker please click HERE

Fall Goals SheetIf you appreciate these fun ideas and free downloads please let me know in a comment below, it’s always nice to know your work is appreciated 🙂

Looking for more ways to keep your business organized?  Be sure to check out The Book Lady’s Planner


The Book Lady Planner, an Organizing Help for Consultants!


Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to share with you my Book Lady Planner, an organizing help for Usborne consultants!  After MANY hours, revisions, edits, and late nights, this beauty is ready to be seen and shared with the world.  I’m a visual person, and as my business grew I wanted a way to keep track not only of my own parties and contacts, but my team and how they were doing.  And, since I’m me, I wanted it to look nice 🙂  This project started quite small and just kept growing into a full fledged, 100+ page planner! [Read more…]

The Best Children’s Books for Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Books flyer jpg

 If you’d like to download the flyer above click HERE

It’s no secret we’re pretty big fans of children’s book over at my house, and I love finding ways to incorporate reading into the holidays!  These are some of my favorite children’s books with a fun Valentine’s theme- whether the love is romantic, friendly, or even for books themselves! [Read more…]

Winter Facebook Banner and Invites for Usborne Books and More

I needed some fun winter but not Christmas banners and invites for my [addlink url=”” text=”Usborne”] parties so I put these ones together, I hope they can help you out as well!  For high resolution downloads for web use or printing click here:  FB Banner Invite

Usborne Winter FB banner and Invite

Do you have any fun ideas for winter themed book parties?  Let me know in a comment below!  To stay up to date with my new ideas and downloads be sure to sign up for my newsletter!

Usborne Thanksgiving Facebook Banner and Invitations

I had lots of fun making these Usborne Thanksgiving Facebook Banner and Invitations!  They are perfect for your Facebook or home parties to help bring the wonderful spirit of Thanksgiving.  If you appreciate these fun ideas and free downloads let me know in a comment below, sign up for my newsletter and [addlink url=”” text=”follow me on Facebook!”]  Download your own copies here: Invitation Banner

Usborne thanksgiving banner flyer

Usborne Halloween Facebook Banner

Looking for a cute banner to use for your Facebook page or parties during this wonderful month of October?  Look no further!  I made this cute Usborne Halloween Facebook Banner for just such purposes 🙂  I love this time of year, and Halloween can be one of the best holiday’s!  To download this cute banner click HERE  If you want more ideas on the best Halloween books Usborne makes, check out [addlink url=”” text=”this post. “]  If you appreciate these fun ideas and free downloads, please let me know in a comment below, sign up for my fabulous newsletter, and [addlink url=”” text=”like me on Facebook. “]  If you want to learn more about Usborne and how you can get their beautiful books for your own readers for free [addlink url=”” text=”Contact me”]! Halloween Facebook Banner for Usborne