Book Review of “Scripture Princesses”


Having 2 little girls myself, I’m always looking for ways to teach them more about empowering female role models.  The world is full of some great fiction heroines, but what about the brave, faithful, and beautiful women in the scriptures?  These were REAL women who lived and were faced with overwhelming challenges, but who overcame them with help from our Heavenly father.  I love that author [addlink url=”” text=”Rebecca J. Greenwood”] made it easy to learn more about these incredible women in her new book, [addlink url=”” text=”Scripture Princesses.”]

Scripture Princesses Abish

Each chapter tells the story of one of the women in the scriptures.  They’re covered chronologically, from Eve in the Garden of Eden to latter day heroines like Lucy Mack Smith. The text is simple to read with lovely images every 2-3 pages- perfect for early readers or as a read aloud with even young children.  This book would be a good companion for primary age girls looking to learn more about the women of the scriptures.  I’m looking forward to using this book as part of our Family Home Evening lessons.

My favorite things about this book:

♥ Chronological order of women for easy progression throughout history

♥ Stories made easier to read and understand while staying true to the scriptures

♥ Frequent illustrations to retain attention and make the book more visually appealing to children

♥ Qualities to aspire to at the beginning of each chapter that relate to it’s heroine- “Be brave, like Esther”

♥ Scriptures provided for additional reading at the end of each chapter

If you’d like a fun [addlink url=”” text=”coloring page”] to go along with the book be sure to check out this great one about Abish!

Scripture-Princesses coloring page

Rebecca also created a fun and free [addlink url=”” text=”Tiara Printable”] you can download, cut and color- a perfect activity to go along with this lovely book.

scripture-princesses tiara

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